Professor Adrienne Roeder in her Weill Hall lab

Student assistant imaging new specimens for the LHB Hortorium

A coconut mailed to the "Chief Palmist" in the 1930s.

Anna Stalter holding an old coconut.

Tom Silva teaching BIOPL 2400 “Green World/Blue Planet”

An orchid hybrid in the genus Epidendrum

Welcome to Plant Biology

Without plants, life on earth would cease to exist. Plants shape our environment and provide us with food, medicine, clothing, and shelter. Today we are faced with an unprecedented series of challenges – global climate change, food shortages, rapid loss of biodiversity, and new and evolving diseases are threatening both the health of the planet as well as human health and well-being. Research in the plant sciences is greatly significant in addressing aspects of each of these issues. Through its broad-based and innovative studies of basic plant biology, the Section of Plant Biology at Cornell University is positioned to contribute real and impactful solutions to these problems at local, state, national, and global scales. Learn more

Graduate Field of Plant Biology

Cornell's Graduate Studies in Plant Biology are at the cutting edge of basic and translational plant research and offer top-ranked, interdisciplinary Ph.D. training.
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Undergraduate Studies in Plant Biology

Undergraduates who are interested in studying plant biology at Cornell can major in Plant Science or in Biology with a Plant Biology Concentration.
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Faculty Spotlight

Klaas van Wijk

Klaas Van Wijk

Klaas van Wijk

Research in the van Wijk lab is focused on i) bundle sheath and mesophyll cell specific differentiation of chloroplasts in leaves of the C4 plant maize, and ii) in chloroplast biogenesis and protein homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana, with a particular focus on the Clp protease machinery. We use a multi-disciplinary approach, with emphasis on large scale comparative proteomics and mass spectrometry, bioinformatics and reverse genetics.