Jerrold Davis

Jerry Davis


514 Mann Library
(607) 255-7980

Research Focus

My principal area of interest is systematic biology, and within this area, my research is focused on systematics of the grass family (Poaceae) and other monocots. I am engaged in studies of phylogenetic relationships within the grass family (Poaceae) and across monocots as a whole, using molecular, genomic, and morphological character sets. I also work on species-level problems, including the development of appropriate methods for inferring species boundaries on the basis of population variation patterns. I have employed these methods in my studies of species boundaries in the grass genus Puccinellia, and these analyses have contributed to my floristic studies of this genus.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Cohen, J. I., Litt, A., & Davis, J. I. (2012). Comparative floral development in Lithospermum L. (Boraginaceae) and implications for the evolution and development of heterostyly. American Journal of Botany. 99:797-805.
  • Seberg, O., Petersen, G., Davis, J. I., Pires, J. C., Stevenson, D., Chase, M. W., Fay, M. F., Devey, D. S., Sytsma, K. J., & Yohan, P. (2012). Phylogeny of the Asparagales, based on three plastid and two mitochondrial genes. American Journal of Botany. 99:875-889.
  • Olinares, P., Kim, J., Davis, J. I., & van Wijk, K. (2011). Subunit stoichiometry, evolution, and functional implications of an asymmetric plant plastid ClpP/R protease complex in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell. 23:2348-2361.
  • Cuenca, A., Petersen, G., Seberg, O., Davis, J. I., & Stevenson, D. (2010). Are Substitution Rates and RNA Editing Correlated?. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 10:349.
  • Davis, J. I. (2010). Branch support via Resampling: an Empirical Study. Cladistics. 26:643-656.
  • Davis, J. I., & Soreng, R. J. (2010). Migration of Endpoints of Two Genes Relative to Boundaries Between Regions of the Plastid Genome in the Grass Family (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany. 97:874-892.
  • Cohen, J. I., & Davis, J. I. (2009). Nomenclatural changes in Lithospermum (Boraginaceae) and related taxa following a reassessment of phylogenetic relationships. Brittonia. 61:101-111.
  • Soreng, R. J., Davis, J. I., & Voionmaa, M. A. (2007). A phylogenetic analysis of Poaceae tribe Poeae sensu lato based on morphological characters and sequence data from three plastid-encoded genes: evidence for reticulation, and a new classification for the tribe. Kew Bulletin. 62:425-454.
  • Davis, J. I., & Soreng, R. J. (2007). A phylogenetic analysis of the grasses (Poaceae), with attention to subfamily Pooideae and structural features of the plastid and nuclear genomes, including an intron loss in GBSSI. Aliso. 23:325-338.
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