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Graduate study in Cornell's School of Integrative Plant Science:

There are five fields of graduate study within SIPS: (i) Horticulture, (ii) Plant Biology, (iii) Plant Breeding, (iv) Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, and (v) Soil and Crop Sciences.
The SIPS Graduate Resource Page can help you:

  • Identify graduate fields and faculty research programs that match your interests
  • Decide whether an MS/PhD or MPS program is right for you

Information here focuses on graduate programs in the Field of Plant Biology.

Cornell's Graduate Studies in Plant Biology are at the cutting edge of basic and translational plant research and offer top-ranked, interdisciplinary Ph.D. training. Students are tackling some of today’s toughest challenges; from a single strand of DNA to the global scale, plant biologists have contributions to make in genetics, medicine, climate change, agriculture and many other exciting and important areas.

World-renowned Cornell scientists with diverse interests and strengths are recruiting and teaching the next generation of plant scientists. Currently, 47 faculty members are affiliated with the Plant Biology Graduate Field. Given the breadth of faculty research, students choose from a variety of research areas and concentrations.

Resources and Facilities

In addition to the unmatched support from Cornell faculty, graduate students in the Field of Plant Biology have access to outstanding facilities and resources, including the Bailey Hortorium Herbarium and Mann Library.

Graduate Student Career Trajectories

The combination of outstanding faculty, wonderful resources, and a culture of collaboration, all set in a diverse and world-class university, makes Cornell Plant Biology a unique venue for graduate research in the Plant Sciences. Historically, Cornell has had almost unparalleled influence on research in plant biology through its faculty and graduates. Cornell graduates continue to be instrumental in the field of plant sciences, and recent graduates have been highly successful in obtaining academic or equivalent professional positions. They can be found across the United States and the world, holding positions at leading universities, botanical gardens, in public policy, and in industry.

Application to the Field of Plant Biology

Deadline: December 1
All applications for Graduate Studies at Cornell are online and accessible through the Cornell Graduate School.

GRE scores are NOT required.

Applicants are encouraged to become familiar with the different research areas and concentrations within the Field of Plant Biology, and to communicate directly with prospective faculty with whom they may wish to work. Applicants must indicate a preference for one of these concentrations on the Graduate School application form; this selection does not commit you to a particular research area, but it is used as an indication of your present interests.