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Angella Macias

Angella Macias

Class of 2015

Angella Macias is a Plant Sciences major who is minoring in entomology. During the summer of 2012, Angella volunteered at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Charlotte, North Carolina, and during the summer of 2013 conducted a detailed taxonomic study of three lineages of Araceae genus Anthurium (restricted to Central America) at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. This latter project included SEM imaging, describing pollen grains, and scoring morphological characters for a Lucid Key (a digital key that aids in species identification). The key will be freely accessible through Kew Botanic Gardens eMonocot webpage. Angella also gathered data and analyzed the results of species distribution models and created a poster of the Anthurium research.

Some of Angella’s favorite classes include BIOPL 2410: Introductory Plant Biodiversity and Evolution, HORT 3000: Annual and Perennial Plants, and PLPA 3190: Mushrooms of Field and Forest.

Angella has many interests and hobbies including amateur fossil hunting, fungi collecting, and insect collecting as well as identifying all of her collected specimens. She is planning to pursue studies in graduate school and is interested in a career discovering and cataloging new species of plant, fungi, or insects.