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Graduate Students

Graduate students admiring the newly hung portrait of Barbara McClintock,  ’23, ’25, PhD ’27 all in Botany.  L to R: Penelope Lindsay, Eric Fich, Samantha Mainiero , and Pengfei Oiao.
New Fall '17 Graduate students
Back Row L to R: Arielle Johnson , Kate Harline, Elizabeth Mahood, Adriana Hernandez. Front Row L to R: Hannah Thomas and Alaina Petlewski

Many graduate students in the Field of Plant Biology are advised by faculty members whose main affiliation is also with the Department of Plant Biology; they are housed in the Plant Science Building, in Emerson Hall or in Mann Library. Other students choose an advisor whose main affiliation is with a different department, and can therefore be housed in any of the other buildings on campus or as far as laboratories at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG).

Current graduate students are listed below, and a list of graduate student alumni is also available.




Gwynne Lim

Gwynne Lim

Davis lab
Gwynne Lim is interested in the systematics and the biogeography of Southeast Asian plants, particularly with regard to plant-insect interactions.

Penelope Lindsay

Harrison lab
Characterization of plant proteins involved in the formation of the symbiotic interface between plant roots and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Paleogene tropical floras and their implications for understanding the impact of global climate change  

Dana Robinson

Roeder lab
Understanding the relationships among endopolyploidy, whole-genome multiplication, and size phenotypes in the Arabidopsis sepal.
Jack Satterlee

James Satterlee

Scanlon lab
Understanding the contributions of cell lineage and gene expression to maize plant architecture and development using single-cell genomics