Graduate Students

New plant biology graduate students: Lila Luna, Mia Howard, Pengfei Qiao, Daniel Evanich and Elena Michel.

Many graduate students in the Field of Plant Biology are advised by faculty members whose main affiliation is also with the Department of Plant Biology; they are housed in the Plant Science Building, in Emerson Hall or in Mann Library. Other students choose an advisor whose main affiliation is with a different department, and can therefore be housed in any of the other buildings on campus or as far as laboratories at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG).

Current graduate students are listed below, and a list of graduate student alumni is also available.

Samuel Leiboff

Sam is working in Mike Scanlon's lab to develop a comparative, mechanistic understanding of shoot apical meristem shape and size regulation. By combining shape modeling and cutting-edge imaging techniques with quantitative genetic methods, he is working to uncover the genetic loci responsible for natural variation in plant stem cell morphology, especially in maize.

Gwynne Lim

Gwynne Lim is interested in the systematics and the biogeography of Southeast Asian plants, particularly with regard to plant-insect interactions.