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June Nasrallah

June Nasrallah


260 Emerson Hall
(607) 255-8189

June Nasrallah obtained her B.Sc. in Biology at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon and her Ph.D. in Genetics at Cornell University.

Research Focus

Plant reproduction, Self-incompatibility, Receptor-ligand interactions, cell-cell signaling

Plant Reproduction, Receptor-based signaling

Teaching Focus

Plant Molecular Genetics, Molecular Aspect of Plant Development

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Plants

Awards and Honors

  • Founding Member (2020) Académie des Sciences du Liban
  • Barbara McClintock Professor of Plant Biology (2004) Cornell University
  • Martin Gibbs Medal (2003) American Society of Plant Biology
  • Elected Member (2003) US National Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications

Journal Publications