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Matthew Bond

Class of 2014

Matthew Bond is a Plant Sciences  major in the class of 2014.  He transferred to Cornell from SUNY Potsdam. His concentration is in Plants and Human Health, and his interests include ethnobotany, bioactive plant secondary metabolites, ecology, and conservation. Past projects include investigating the pharmaceutical potential of native and invasive orchids in the Dominican Republic while participating in the Cornell MHIRT program, conducting an ethnobotanical survey of Easter Island, researching the efficacy of nepetalactone as an antibiotic in the lab of Robert Ewy (SUNY Potsdam), and a reforestation and conservation internship with the Tropical Forestry Initiative in Costa Rica. Currently, he is working in the lab of senior research associate Dr. Manuel Aregullin, studying the phytochemistry of Rhus aromatica as a potential antidiabetic and other medicinal plants from Native American ethnobotanies. 

Some of Matthew’s favorite classes include: NTRES 3330, Indigenous and Local Ecological Knowledge; BIOMG 3310, Principles of Biochemistry; and BIOPL 2430, Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants. Currently, he is applying to PhD programs in Ethnobotany and Pharmacognosy in order to pursue a career in academic research.

Matthew has been active in several organizations, including Pi Alpha Xi, Ho-Nun-De-Kah, Hortus Forum, Phi Eta Sigma, and Beta Beta Beta. He is currently the past president of the National Junior Horticultural Association, after serving as president for the last two years. He also works as a stitcher in the Schwartz Performing Arts Center costume shop, and enjoys photography.