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Robert Bode

Robert Bode

Robert Bode has investigated the ecological and evolutionary consequences of natural selection by herbivores on Solidago (goldenrod). His research utilized two main experimental approaches: (1) long-term herbivore exclusion plots to investigate whether there are changes in the growth rates and herbivore resistance of Solidago altissima (tall goldenrod), and (2) examination of S. macrophylla (large-leaved goldenrod) growing along an elevation gradient in the Adirondack mountains in New York, which provides a gradient in the level of herbivory, with the most herbivores at the bottom.

While at Cornell, Robert had the opportunity to T.A. several courses. He was a laboratory instructor in introductory botany, plant physiology, and ecology and the environment. Most of his teaching experience comes from being a teaching assistant for three years in introductory biology, where he worked with a diverse group of students with many backgrounds and different career goals. Robert also worked in a pre-freshman summer program where he taught study skills to incoming students.

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