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Plant Biology Section Staff

Name Address Phone Title Area
Bennett, Alexandra 262 Emerson Hall   Lab Technician Moghe Lab
Blanton, Florianna 109 Leland Lab 607-254-4400 Extension Support CIBT
Cobb, Ed 207 Plant Science 607-255-8727 Research Support Section
Cox, Linda 412 Mann Library 607-255-4477 Financial Reporting Lead Main Office        
Conlon, Brianne Rose 236 Plant Science 607-255-1160 Lab Technician Scanlon Lab
Holdridge, Tracy 330 Plant Science 607-255-5474 Finance and Budget Manager Main Office
Fraissinet, Peter 430 Mann Library 607-255-0443 Assistant Curator & Librarian LHB Hortorium
Jantz, Karin 412 Mann Library 607-255-4075 Chair's Assistant & GFA Main Office
Payne, Tami 136 Plant Science 607-255-0881 Administrative Manager Main Office
Reed, Tara 412 Mann Library 607-255-2131 Conference Coordinator Main Office
Shaff, Jon 137 Holley Center 607-255-5116 Research Support USDA Lab
Snyder, Stephen 334 Emerson Hall 607-255-7730 Lab Technician Rose Lab
Stalter, Anna 446 Mann Library 607-255-1052 Associate Curator LHB Hortorium
Stauderman, Tiffany 263 Emerson Hall 607-255-8404 Lab Technician Nasrallah Lab
Svitko, Jennifer 408 Mann Library 607-255-3273 Lab Technician Gandolfo Lab
Zhang, Jing 240 Plant Science 607-255-8826 Lab Technician Turgeon Lab