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Thomas Owens

Thomas Owens

Associate Professor

259 Plant Science Building
(607) 255-8516

My overall goals at Cornell continue to be improving the pedagogy of instruction, particularly in large classroom environments. I continue to work on several aspects of the biology curriculum. I chair several committees in the Office of Undergraduate Biology focused on teaching and research in the Biology major. This year I am on a leave of absence from Cornell, producing 3D animations of cellular processes and associated online, Socratic tutorials for use in introductory biology courses.

Research Focus

In research, I am involved in a collaborative projects looking at the effects of polyploidy on photosynthetic capacity in the genus Glycine (with Jeff Doyle). These studies will have critical implications for the long standing efforts (largely unsuccessful) to produce plants with higher photosynthetic capabilities.

Teaching Focus

Quality teaching remains my highest priority at Cornell, with a focus on mentoring students to be critical thinkers in both large and small classroom environments.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Coate, J. E., Luciano, A. K., Seralathan, V., Minchew, K. J., Owens, T. G., & Doyle, J. J. (2012). Anatomical, biochemical and photosynthetic responses to recent allopolyploidy in Glycine dolichocarpa. American Journal of Botany. 99:55-67.
  • Bertin, C., Weston, L. A., Huang, T., Janger, G., Owens, T. G., Meinwald, J., & Schroeder, F. C. (2007). Grass roots chemistry: meta-tyrosine, and herbicidal nonprotein amino acid. PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 104:16964-16969.
  • Roberts, B. J., Owens, T. G., Ostrum, N. E., & Howarth, R. W. (2005). Ecosystem respiration rates are not constant over diel cycles: direct quantification using dissolved oxygen concentration and isotopic composition in experimental ponds. Limnology and Oceanography. 49:1907-1918.
  • Hegeman, C. E., Halter, C. P., Owens, T. G., & Hanson, M. R. (2005). Expression of complementary RNA from chloroplast transgenes affects editing efficiency of transgene and endogenous chloroplast transcripts. Nucleic Acids Research. 33:1454-1464.
  • Niklas, K. J., Owens, T. G., Reich, P. B., & Cobb, E. D. (2005). Nitrogen/phosphorous leaf stoichiometry and the scaling of plant growth. Ecology Letters. 8:536-642.
  • Melkonian, J. J., Owens, T. G., & Wolfe, D. W. (2004). Gas exchange and co-regulation of photochemical and nonphotochemical quenching in bean during chilling at ambient and elevated carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis Research. 79:71-82.
  • Yang, X., Owens, T. G., Scheffler, B. E., & Weston, L. A. (2004). Manipulation of root hair development and sorgoleone production in sorghum seedlings. Journal of Chemical Ecology. 30:199-213.