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Thomas Silva

Thomas Silva

Senior Lecturer

257 Plant Science Building
(607) 255-8502

My primary focus is in the instruction of plant biology courses for majors and non majors

Outreach and Extension Focus

Educating and consulting in area schools about plant biology

Teaching Focus

I teach BIOG 1440, Comparative Physiology, an Introductory course for Biology Majors; PLBIO 2400- Green World/Blue Planet, a non-majors Biology course; PLBIO 2420 and 2421, Plant Function and growth; and PLBIO 3421Plant Physiology Laboratory. My focus is teaching Biology and Physiology to Biology majors, non-science majors, and Plant Science students.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Silva, T. M., & Davies, P. J. (2007). Hormone growth responses of roots of shoot height mutants of pea. Physiologia Plantarum. 129:813-821.
  • Silva, T. M., & Davies, P. J. (2007). Elongation rates and endogenous indoleacetic acid levels in roots of pea mutants differing in internode length. Physiologia Plantarum. 129:804-812.